Saturday, May 24, 2008

three weekes at avnet

Yes it is now three weeks at the kuleuven AVLM training center. So far I have come up with the terminologies and the common softwares used in production of avlm. It is quit interesting for me to know these,as aperson working on training others it is not only important but it is anecessity to get changed/adapted to the world situation of modernity , share the advantages tha the technologies offered. As a let comers I should share advantage and utilise it .

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It is good to see people in luven celebrating and welcoming summer. I Wish all the residents here a happy summer time.
fanta tadesse

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good skill

driving with littel know how will risk your life


This days' death on road due to accident related to vehiele is at an increase so please take care of it.

Thank you!

expectaions from the training

I expect to learn alot from this traing. I should demonstrat this to other colleagus back home,thus I have to build enough knowledge on:-
- how to take good vidio/pictures ,
- digitalize old pictures already exist in analogue system,
- edit this material and prepare them for educational purpose , - know how to comperess picturs/vidios
- how to mix(syncronize) audio and pictures
- how to creat animation and use for education purpose and make flash
- able to use some softwars that help in pruduction of AV materials.
Although these are what I expect to learn, this course seems to me very compressed. It seems to me that each chapter in the content may take weeks to properly manage the activities.Thus it look intensive work is vital.


I found leuven a city with some new experiece for some one like me.As apart of a civilised nation the city is very clean and may be unickly it is a friendly to envirnoment and managed to survive the envirnoment .The people are very hospitable and help full.
The sytem (service such as the transport system) here is very much organized.

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